Indian Traditional Sweets At Home


Instant Ghee Mysore Pak Recipe At Home

Mysore Pak  Recipe that will so soft like your Krishna Sweets one that is so soft and crumbly in your mouth. Here is a quick step by step Mysore Pak Recipe, that can be prepared which is tasty and healthy all at the same time. This recipe is a very popular sweet dish and is enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Sugar Free Dates and Dry Fruit Roll

Dates are naturally sweet and full of nutrition. Addition of nuts and poppy seeds makes it more nutritious. Since no sugar is added while making it, people who are diabetic can satisfy their sweet craving with it.Those on diet can also munch them without any worries as very little ghee goes into its making. Celebrate this Diwali a healthier way.

How To Make Double Ka Meetha

This is a delicious dessert recipe which is popularly made on the day. It is made using bread slices and reduced milk and is loaded with dry fruits for a delicious crunch. Here is how to make Double Ka Meetha Recipe at home.

Street Style Jalebi Recipe

with detailed photo and video recipe. basically, jalebi is prepared with a fermented jalebi batter, however, this recipe is instant version of jalebi.