Instant laddu recipes at home


Easy & quick ladoo recipes:-

Ladoo (Laddoo) is a circle shaped Indian sweet. There are varieties of ladoo recipes. These laddoos are easy and simple to make at home in just a few mins.

Healthy Multi Grain Laddu At Home:-

Made with mixed millet flour, Multigrain Laddoo is an ideal snack to replenish your body with the essential nutrients. This simple dessert recipe is extremely rich in vitamins and will keep you full for a longer duration. Give your loved ones a unique experience on festive occasions with this special laddu.

Easy Ladoo Recipes:-

Boondi ke Ladoo (Boondi ke Laddu) is a very famous Indian dessert, usually made during festive times like Diwali or at Indian weddings. A sweet treat with cashews, raisins, saffron and the light flavor of cardamom.