Variety dosa recipe at home


variety dosa recipe

Dosa is one versatile South Indian food which comes with the goodness of one of more pulses and fits in almost any time of the day. This Indian pancake recipe prepared usually from the fermented batter of lentils or black gram and rice. Dosas can be prepared crisp and thinner, as we find Khali Dosa or Plain Dosa, but Dosa can also be prepared thicker and softer with the same batter, to call it set dosa. Either add onions, coriander, and green chilies to prepare onion dosa or egg dosa complement semolina and slightly change the recipe to make rava dosa, the palatability only enhances.

street style dosa recipes

Ever wondered about recreating recipes from the menu boards of various types of dosa from popular Dosa places in India? There we go with different recipes of Dosas that we have with us. While aloo curry, sambar, and chutney provide great accompaniments to Dosas, there are various chutney pudis and gravy recipes that provide a yummy side as well. Also, to accompany Dosa, you can choose from our array of recipes that can go very well with this popular Asian food.

 High Protein Dosa Breakfast Recipes

Begin your day on a nutritious note with this authentic recipe from green is the way to go as this dosa is made with goodness of green gram.This one’s a great option for those looking to rake in their daily dosa.