Tasty delicious malai Puri Sweet


How to make delicious malai Puri Sweet at home:-

It is very easy to make too. So smooth and rich tasting sweet. I emphatically prescribe you to attempt this formula. Since it is justified regardless of each min. In the event that you locally acquired mawa, at that point this formula is a doodle to make. I trust you will attempt.

Malai puri recipe at home:-

Mawa Poori is a sweet puffed bread filled with the rich filling of khoya, dry fruits, and saffron. This recipe of Mawa Poori and your family would surely relish it. Serve piping hot mawa poori with a bowl of kheer or rabri.

Tasty malpova sweet at home:-

Bubble drain in a profound dish till it gets thick and lessens to 2/3 amount of it. Mesh the mawa and blend it into the drain. Give it a chance to chill off. Presently include maida and 2 table spoon to it and blend well. Ensure that the protuberances are not framed. Blend to make the Malpua is prepared. Cover the blend and abandon it for 60 minutes.