Ruby Emerald Haram Gold Jewellery Collection Designs


Rubies evoke emotional images of passion, romance, blood, and power. Like sapphires, rubies originate from the rock-forming mineral corundum.  The ruby’s coveted red hues range from medium-red, to dark orange-red, to purplish red. Burmese warriors believed the gemstones would make them invincible. However, rather than simply wearing the stones. People in India also endowed the ruby with mystical powers, believing that the stones would allow those who wore them to be at peace among their enemies. In the sixteenth century, violence became part of the emerald’s history when Spanish conquistadors looted thousands of emeralds  Whether the corundum results in a red or blue stone depends on the presence of chromium, or titanium and iron, respectively. Scholars wore emeralds to strengthen their memory and become more eloquent. In fact, today, the color green. From that time forward, royalty in numerous countries looked to South America for a supply of beautiful emerald stones to adorn their rings, necklaces, bracelets and crowns