How to make rakhi at home for raksha bandhan


How to make raksha bandhan at home

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters.For us too, it is a very special day at home. I love making rakhis for my brothers I’m sure you are also searching for cool ideas to make one at home or for a Rakhi making. I searched the net for you and presenting.

Handmade Designer Rakhi in 5 Minutes

Go to any tailoring supply shops in India and buy zari motifs – Flowers, Peacocks, Geometrical designs. These come with a fabric backing that’s easy to stick or stitch onto a lace or gold thread to make your very own Rakhi at home.

Diy craft ideas of raksha bandhan

Rakhi are talismans that are tied around people’s wrists during the annual Raksha Bandhan ceremony. You can easily make beautiful rakhi at home using a few simple supplies, like buckram sheet and silk thread. Add decorative gemstones, chains, and mirrors to your rakhi so it stands out during the ceremony. Finish your rakhi with a colorful ribbon that matches your decorations.