Beautiful Bridal Stylish Nose Ring with Long Chain Style


All the brides-to-be out there, if you want to make the best fashion and style statement, you just cannot miss a distinctive Nath that screams for attention. Large nathani has been a part of Indian tradition since ages and is a beautiful part of bridal jewellery. If you haven’t pierced your nose yet, fret not, just stop searching for banquet halls in Delhi and focus on your nose instead. You can choose a clip on nose ring as well. In the past few years, the traditional nose rings have evolved a lot to encompass stunning designs and styles which are beyond comparison. These days when wedding guests turn up wearing jhoomars, matha pattis and maang tikkas, the bridal Nath is a piece of jewellery which sets the bride apart.Nose piercing has their origin in the Middle East which was introduced to India during the Mughal rule. As the nose ring is now considered a fashion accessory women of all religions in India get their nose pierced.  Nose rings worn on a daily basis are tiny and delicate, unlike their bridal counterparts which are huge and elaborate.According to Ayurveda nose piercing has a lot of medical benefits, one reason why the majority of women get left nostril pierced. As it is believed that the left nostril has an association with female reproductive organs getting a nose pierced can ease menstrual and childbirth pains.Some women get both sides of the nose pierced (this is common in rural or tribal parts of India) so, it is quite common to see the right nostril or even the septum pierced in India.

Kundan nose rings are such a rage, always! These kinds of nose rings are worn widely by brides in their weddings and they look attractive and charming on any kind of face. If you don’t want anything simple a drool-worthy bridal nose ring design should be your choice.

The Nath minus the chain is a good option if your bridal look is more contemporary than traditional, it was largely popularized  on her Cannes outing. It is trendy, chic and just so enticing wear it over that beautiful reception gown as well, and you are going to go boom.Use the traditional bridal nose ring for your wedding pheras and try something like this for your wedding reception. This kind of nath will also look stunning for your cocktail or sangeet ceremony. Ever since wore it, you will find a lot of stunning designs in it in almost every branded jewellery store so go ahead and take your pick.