Different Types Of Tasty Spicy Chicken 65 Recipes At Home


Spicy Chicken 65 Recipes At Home

Chicken 65 is an easy-to-make and very popular snack recipe from South India, which is prepared using chicken marinated in spices and flavoured with tomato ketchup and yoghurt. This is a crispy non-vegetarian dish is perfect for occasions like kitty parties, birthdays and anniversaries.

Tasty Chicken 65 Recipe At Home

In this chicken recipe, bite-sized chicken pieces are marinated and deep fried. Chicken 65 can be quickly prepared using some easily available ingredients like coriander powder,red chili powder, yoghurt, curry leaves.

 Easy Tasty Baked Chicken 65 In Oven At Home

It’s a simple fried chicken recipe with plenty of spices and Chinese sauces. Chicken thigh or breast fillet cut into bite sized pieces are marinated in Indian spices and then cooked to perfection. These chicken bites are then smothered in a spicy, saucy mixture to create that vibrant color. The end result is lip-smacking spicy bites of tender chicken pieces that you won’t be able to resist.Although baking is an excellent option to cook the chicken bites, you can deep fry the pieces if you like.

Mouthwatering Spicy Chicken 65 Tikka

Traditionally, chicken 65 is deep fried, but you can make a much healthier version with the magic of grilled tikka. To make this grilled like a tikka chicken 65, I haven’t made any changes to the traditional recipe. I relied on the very basic recipe, but grilled like a tikka them so you can enjoy these guilt-free.