Beautiful Daily Wear Gold Pearl Necklace Designs


American Pearl is world renowned for its collection of the finest quality Golden South Sea Pearls available in the world; the richest color, the cleanest surfaces all guaranteed natural color.

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Another piece that invokes nature is the Butterfly Line Necklace. The Abree Line Necklace is a more ornate piece, made from a slim gold chain studded with diamonds at regular intervals. Suspended from the centre is a single, white pearl that will always have heads turning

The Fleur Line Necklace is similarly decorative; its central design outlines a dainty flower with a large pearl set in the middle.

Despite being a relatively small part of the jewellery family, a well-designed ring has the power to transform your look. Whether you’re gesturing to make a point or simply resting your hand on your lap, this beautiful piece is present in full-view. And when your ring comes studded with the radiant beauty of pearls.