Different types of easy gulab jamun recipes


 Milk powder gulab jamun recipes at home:-

To start with blend flour with drain powder and preparing pop. Strainer it once. Include 1 tbsp of ghee in it. What’s more, gradually begin adding milk to shape mixture. Batter ought to be sticky and delicate. Make little bundles of it. With above amount it will associate with 14. Try not to make it too enormous else it will turn out to be extensive when you absorb it syrup.Profound sear those balls till it end up pleasant dark colored from outside. Sear it on moderate fire.

Semolina Gulab Jamun Recipe:-

It is an astonishing dish which is enjoyed by individuals of all age gatherings. The flavourful fixings are the way to the astounding taste of Rava Gulab Jamun (Suji/semolina based). Pooh Kotian shared Rava Gulab Jamun (Suji/semolina based) formula which can serve 10 individuals. The well ordered process with pictures will enable you to figure out how to make the tasty Rava Gulab Jamun (Suji/semolina based). Attempt this delightful Rava Gulab Jamun (Suji/semolina based) formula at home and amazement your family and companions.

How To Make Soft Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun:-

planning sweet potato blend: initially you should steam or bubble sweet potatoes. give the sweet potatoes a chance to wind up warm or chill off. at that point generally slash them. with a potato masher, squash them extremely well. include 1 tablespoon generally useful flour (maida). presently make little or medium estimated balls from the batter.