Diy best out of waste thread Spools


Best out of waste Thread Spools

There are many ways to use empty wooden or plastic thread spools for homemade projects. This is a guide about craft ideas for thread spools.Re-use empty thread spools.When you take old spools, give them new life, and toss in some balls of fabric, and buttons, you have what our grandmothers used for function, to use in a new way to decorate.

Waste craft with empty thread spool

With the strips cut or torn, hot glue a very small amount to the spools, place the fabric on it and wrap it around to just cover it. If the spool is inset a bit, wrap some more to fill it out.

Best out of waste thread spool craft

Do this with all the spool sizes you have. Itty bitty ones are very cute, too. Stay with wooden ones, the older styles are best. If you have a bunch of old threaded spools, cover the thread with the fabric. Chances are the thread is too old to use anyway.