Tempting Mouthwatering perfect appam


Tempting perfect appam

Appam (or Aapam) is a very popular breakfast item from Kerala. It is also made in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. These are spongy pancakes made with fermented raw rice and coconut batter. It is also known as the Palappam. Traditionally Kallu (toddy) was added to the aapam to aid fermentation thus giving its name Kallappam. Nowadays yeast is used instead. People who cannot find yeast or do not prefer yeast can use cooking soda (also called appam soda) to the batter just before making the aapams.

varieties of appam At Home

This is a very popular breakfast item from Kerala. It is also made in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.There is another type of appam, known as the vellappam which is quite similar. Palappam batter is thinner and is made in the traditional aapa chatty (aapam pan). Vellappam batter is thicker and is made in a normal pan.

Nice And Crispy Appam Made Easy

Traditionally, appams are made by soaking rice over night and grinding it into a smooth batter along with cooked rice, fresh coconut or coonut milk and it’s fermented by toddy ( a crude palm alcohol). But toddy is not commonly available yeast makes a good substitute for it or you can also use baking soda instead. The appams are cooked in a special apppanam  called an appam chatti.

How to make soft Appam without yeast/batter for palappam

Kerala Appam Recipe– appam or palappam also known as Srilankan hoppers is one of the most favorite breakfast of Kerala; its vegan and gluten free too. In some parts of Kerala it is also known as Lace Appam. Usually, appam is made for an elaborate Sunday breakfast and paired with mutton or chicken stew….I remember indulging in appam and stew as a kid after Sunday Mass…….or when there is a special occasion in the family…palappam and stew is the preferred choice.