Different types of nailart designs


There are numerous of brushes like angled, flat, line, detail, dotting, etc.. which are used for creating different types of patterns on nails.There are various techniques to decorate the nails with nail art. Nail art can be classified on the basis of these techniques.This technique is used for getting gradient or faded type of designs  on nails.Nail art refers to the art of drawing or painting different patterns on the nails.  The splattered pattern of finish is obtained by using sponges.Many of the beauty salons provide this facility but at the same time, may people like to do it themselves to exhibit their creative style.

Nail Art is the technique of decorating or drawing designs on nails. It has gain a lot of popularity as it has become a part of fashion.  Indians also used Henna which is a dye derived from a plant, for decorating fingers. Usually a base coat of neutral varnish is applied for making a background for the nail art. This technique is similar to body painting technique where a variety of brushes, suitably ones with the synthetic bristles are used. One can draw any pattern of choice with the help of these brushes. However, it requires a lot of practice and skill for achieving the perfection.