Simple Single Hand Mehandi Designs


Application of henna or mehendi is very old. It has decorative and other purposes as well. Henna gives cooling to the hands and leaves a lovely dark red color. So, this is why, new and intricate patterns are used to beautify the hands and feet.

These days, innovative and trendy pattern are the most favored ones. Some women like floral, peacock, Arabic styles etc, but single line designs are also getting popular.  They are not as filled up as compared with the other designs but a single line that runs from wrist to the finger looks enriching. It gives an appearance of a grapevine line pattern.  There can be several designs in single line mehendi as well which we have complied in this post. Here we have compiled the most beautiful, innovative and in trend designs that you can try. Some of these are very easy that you can do in minutes while some are very intricate and grand. The design is quite simple and easy to make if you know how to apply henna with a mehendi cone. The little paisleys and floral motifs are used to create a single line design at the back of the hand though the same can be done on the palms. The lines are quite thick therefore, you need not to worry about the neatness and intricace. It is a bold design with filled in bold motifs. The leafs, Petals etc are filled o that when the henna is removed you get a darker design and a long lasting one. Do you know when you use bold lines then the designs get darker in comparison with the thin lined ones. There is a cuff like design on the wrist areas and that design goes straight up to the middle finger. Small paisleys are used to make a band which goes from wrist to finger. Little edgy design is also used on the fingers below the nails. It’s a very modern and easy to make single line mehendi design with a cuff like pattern.One of the best designs here for single line. Majority of single line design will rub diagonally but this one is concentrated more on half of the hand like on index finger thumb and half of the wrist nearly. Here circular floral motifs are used along with the spiral circles, tendrils, dots etc. This is very simple in vision but very neat and beautifully made. The circles can be filled to make the design more dimensional.