Simple single hand mehandi designs


Mehndi looks so beautiful.It has a subtle color and a beautiful texture. Most importantly, very simple are easy to create.

This design is like a piece of jewelry used to adorn hands. Everything starting from the three floral patterns on the sides to the pearl strings and the checkered pattern has been done with finesse to ensure that the piece looks nothing less than mesmerizing. Traced in the shape of a flower, this backhand simple mehndi design has been shaded for adding depth to it. The big floral structure is used as a base here, which is neatly decorated with simple vine patterns and leafy motifs. Perfect for social gatherings. It might look complex, but this is drawing attention to hands. Consisting of dots, loops, circles and paisley patterns, this mehndi design is done around your thumb and fingers.

Perfect for it requires you to draw curvy lines joined together, mimicking a paisley print. If you have an artistic nature, try adding a shape to the lines at the end, like in the thumb area to give a peacock style image.

For all those in search of a simple and easy mehndi design that’s chic and suits for all types of occasion, try out this one. A simple formation consisting of intertwined leafy strands, this backhand simple mehndi design will certainly make you appear chic and stylish.

Sophisticated and clean, this is a perfect simple mehndi design for the modern you. The checkered design on the fingernails and a bracelet pattern made of vine, floral and leafy motifs, makes this mehndi simple design fit like a glove.

Perfect for adults and kids alike, this simple mehndi design is easy to create. Floral patterns, dots, and paisley motifs stretch from back of the wrist to the tip of the index finger like floral strand. To balance out the main design, each of the fingers is adorned with paisley designs and dots.