Winter Special Tea time Hot Hot Snacks


Mirchi bajji TeaTime Snacks:-

  • Take a dish and include poppy seeds, coconut, broiled chana, tamarind and saute it.
  • Move it into a blender and include red stew powder, salt and mix to make powder.
  • Opening the chillies and evacuate the seeds.
  • Stuff the chillies with above arranged powder blend or add little water to stuffing blend and stuff them.
  • Warmth oil in a container and shallow sear stuffed green chillies on all sides.

Onion Samosa recipe Homemade:-

Arrangement. Blend maida, salt and oil pleasantly with your finger tips.The flour ought to get blended well with the oil. Include carom seeds, water (little at once) and make a hardened mixture. Cover it with a material and let it rest for 20 minutes. Combine onions, cabbage, poha, green chillies, bean stew powder and salt together.

How To Make Tasty Onion Pakoda Recipe:-

Take cut onion in an expansive bowl. Include gram flour, rice flour, ginger, curry leaves, red bean stew powder, preparing pop, coriander leaves and salt. Blend well utilizing spoon and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Bondas(challa punugulu) Recipe:-

To put it plainly, Soak 1 container urad dal and some crude rice independently (or together) with enough water for 5-6 hours. Empty the water out of the doused rice and dal. Crush rice and dal with little water to a smooth glue. Mature the dosa hitter medium-term or if nothing else 8-10 hours. It will ascend on maturation. However to post the formula for Dosa player… .will post soon!! We utilize a similar player to plan external covering for Poornalu.You can plan punugulu with matured and in addition unfermented player. The present formula is with unfermented dosa hitter.