Bridal traditional hairstyles with poola jada for wedding


Wedding Hairstyles Step By Step:-

For the most part utilized as a part of Tamilnadu. I discovered along these lines of anchoring veni to hair is the best technique, as venis remain firm for long time without moving and aggravating the course of action. In any case, can be expelled just with scissors

Simple Poola Jada Hairstyle:-

Some u pins to hold the bun, now we are rolling the blooms onto her bun. what’s more, put the bobby pins. so its somewhat round shape will come which we would need to look after it, same on to the opposite side we will roll the blooms we will attempt to keep up the grouping and the dollars with the goal that the dollars will be seen.Presently we at long last move up here,again bobby pins, here is our lady of the hour prepared. presently lets twist up one side to give a delightful look – Our lady of the hour is prepared.