Tasty Creamy Egg Frankie at home


Creamy Anda Roll at home:-

Egg roll is a quick and easy recipe which can be made by adding different fillings be it veggie, pork or meat into a roll of egg and flour. This easy snack recipe can be fried, baked or cooked on a tawa.

Calcutta Style Egg “Kathi” Roll:-

The egg roll is unquestionably Calcutta’s most conspicuous and prominent road sustenance. In any case, what makes a decent roll? It ought to be served hot. So the get together process, once the paratha has been fricasseed, should be speedy and effective. The external shell, the paratha itself, must be flaky yet delicate.

How To Make Egg Rolls:-

On days you do not want to prepare an elaborate meal, egg roll can come to your rescue. It is loaded with veggies and hence is filling and scrumptious. It is a favourite evening snack of almost the whole of North India and is ideal for lunch boxes and tiffins.