Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs For Back Hands


Mehendi Designs are extremely famous in India, Arab, Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as other Asian countries. Women of all ages put on mehendi (Henna) on their hands, legs as well as feet at special events such as festivals and wedding ceremonies.

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Latest Modern Pakistani mehndi Designs Ideas for wedding you personally. Since the wedding season is actually just coming soon, these types of Pictures of Pakistani Henna Patterns Ideas will certainly come useful to get Detailed Guide regarding Left and Right Hand Pakistani mehndi Art for those who are excited about implementing Pakistani Henna mehndi. 

Mehndi is believed to be more than nine thousand years old. The idea of decorating hands and legs with henna originated in the Arab world which is famous for simple mehndi designs. Presently, mehndi designs are prevalent in India, Arabia, and Pakistan. According to ancient history, Henna application by women in Arabia was to keep off evil spirits as well to bring good luck and prosperity to one’s household.

Secondly, since Arabic mehndi style is simple, they consume less amount of henna and dry up faster so that one does not have to wait overnight. Thirdly, most of the Arabic mehndi designs feature vines and dots which are mesmerizing patterns as compared to other mehndi motifs.