How to Make Chocolate Cold Coffee Thick Shake



½ Liters Milk (chilled)
2 Tablespoons Instant coffee powder
7 Tablespoons Sugar
¾ Tablespoons Cocoa powder
3 Ice cubes
Hershey’s syrup
1 Blender

Steps to make chocolate cold coffee thick shake:-

  Gather all the supplies. If you want the taste to be more ice cream like and dairy free then you can use vanilla flavoured soya milk also.

  • Take the blender and put all the ingredients except Hershey’s syrup into it. Remember that the milk should be very chilled.
  • Let it blend for a minute. Till then rush to the refrigerator and grab the ice tray out.
  • Take 3 ice cubes out and put it in your blender and let is blend for 15 seconds. (Please be careful of what blender you are using as ice can get you blender blades damaged. )
  • Till then dress your glass with Hershey’s syrup. Mine looks a little awry. But you can dress it beautifully as you like.
  • The coffee must look heavily frothy and nice like mine.
  • Then put the coffee in you glass as fast as you can because the froth will start settling down.
  • Tada!! Yummy delicious coffee is ready. Serve immediately after pouring the coffee in the glasses. Enjoy!!